Looking for someone who has played Ys 1 on MSX

By Artimes

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20-02-2022, 11:08

So I have a request and I would be greatly appreciated if you can assist me if your able to. Do any of you happen to have a PRE SAVE STATE of Ys: Ancient Ys Vanished Omen for the MSX that is right before the Final boss of the game. This is the Fan translation available on romhacking. I unfortunately saved in an unwinnable position and now I am forced to play the whole game over again.

I am using the BLUEMSX as an emulator and I am not sure how to use different save slots for that emulator so I instead had to be strategic in saving using only 1 slot so it was quite the challenge.

Unless there is a feature where you can "rewind" the game to previous used states, then im pretty much screwed and my only way to recover is if im able to get my hands on a save state FILE that someone may have.

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By Feiraco

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19-04-2022, 16:29

Hi Artimes, you posted on my birthday :-)
But you might be the lucky one today as I have played the English version of Ys1 in 2016 on BlueMSX and have about 170 save games. If you approach me via l_huyveneers@hotmail.com I can share some with you.

By Guillian

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19-04-2022, 17:41

If you used "Quick load/save State" then probably different save states files were created.
Try "File->Load CPU state", and check if you can find a previous save state there.