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By ro

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09-10-2021, 12:10

Manuel wrote:

Slow? When is it slow? What is slow about it? Can you please explain so I can improve it?

Lemme say that it doesn't run smooth as the regular Windows experience. The inline menu looks like a home made recipe, with some missing ingredients. Dunno, I just am annoyed by it so I just keep away from it. Luckily, OpenMSX has CLI which is my fave way of running things anyway. But sometimes, a smooth GUI works better. Like in BlueMSx, which uses default Windows Forms stuff. Just point, follow, click, bam, thankyoumam, youmademyday, kind of menu. you know. Fast and furious, not slow and unpredictable (yes, I sometimes miss the target in the menu)

Just an example, the (highlight) bar should follow the mouse movements. Which it doesn't. Makes it very "un-easy" to use.

can you work with that?

By Manuel

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09-10-2021, 18:45

I can work with concrete remarks only so:
- "the menu cursor ('highlight bar') doesn't follow the mouse movements". Do you mean it should work with hover? So where your mouse pointer is, the 'bar' must be under it?

What do you mean with "unpredictable (yes, I sometimes miss the target in the menu)"? Can you make that more concrete? How can I reproduce this?

By ro

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10-10-2021, 14:04

Hai, I understand your need for concrete remarks.
yes, hoovering makes it more predictable selecting the right option.
The screen set-up for the menu is large, a large font is you will. Smaller and including more information would be nice. I'll use the menu more often to give you better feedback in the upcoming moments I boot up OpenMSX.

Overall, I think having the same GUI experience per OS would be the best option. For Windows peeps, like me, a Windows Form format would work best. For Mac, and Linux, the same. Stick to the OS experience. I know that's going to take more programming on different systems, which perhaps the team can't afford. Which I understand, completely.

Thank you for your hard work and patience to get feedback. Running Naked in a Field of Flowers

By tono4

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13-10-2021, 15:50

oelsha wrote:

Hi @tono4, I fixed the year limitation (extended to 2030). That was straightforward.
As for the screenshots, I am trying to understand your use case. It seems that you take your own blueMSX screenshots rather than using the ones that you can download from If that's the case, it seems that you're doing it for the very few games that are not already in, otherwise it'll likely be in the msxlaunchers screenshots package. When I implemented the show-screenshots features in the launcher year ago, it worked by getting the screenshot from the blueMSX screenshots/ folder, or by getting it from the msxlaunchers screenshots package (if it is added to the folder where blueMSX Launcher is located). I may be wrong, but you may be implying that the screenshots folder that you provided in your comment is different that the location where blueMSX is located. I'll have to test the blueMSX installer or look at the source code to see where this folder can be.
As for user statistics, unfortunately I stopped adding new features to blueMSX Launcher years ago (lack of time and also the development environment is very out of date). I still want to know what you mean though. There are game launch history and top 10 played games in openMSX Launcher, so is that what you have in mind for user statistics?

Hi Oelsha,

Thank you for the year fix, Oelsha. We will see on 2030 ;)

Concerning screenshots, I take mine, mainly for new games as MSXDev's. Show screenshot feature was corrently implemented, but then W10 modified the path where screenshots are stored in BlueMSX (I rather like the old way, but...)
About stats feature, you are right. It is nicely implemented in OpenMSX, but there it is not possible (as far as I know) to launch BlueMSX. So what I need, it seems, is a mix between BlueMSX and openMSX.

In any case, thank you for your interest and kindness. All stated above is just a wish. BlueMSX launcher development can be stopped, but it is still a quite important app for some of us!

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