FRAY (Turbo R) with OCM and Emulation Support

By alexito

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13-01-2020, 20:19

With the recently update from KdL for OCM Machines with the Firmware Ver3.8 our MSX count with Turbo R PCM 8bits DAC that inspire me to HACK this lovely game FRAY (Turbo R version) making it playable on OCM Machines and Emulators (MSX2+ with PCM) still the PCM Audio quality is not fixed but it will be soon. other weird behavior on Zemmix happen when Turbo R BIOS is Installed the game get very slow when you reach heavy weight zones where Dual Playfield Background are show up but it not happen when MSX2+ BIOS is installed so grab your copy of 20200109 OCM-SDBIOS Pack v2.8 by KdL.

Download the WIP Version 200113

and tell me what do you think?

PS: Because I have not beating the whole game yet. I'll appreciate your feedbacks I wanna know if the HACK works fine from the beginning to end at least.

Almost forgot to mention for a COLD start use Zemmix Fraytro0.dsk --> you have to spend time watching the whole INTRO
for WARM start use Zemmix Fraytrg0.dsk --> you go directly to special MENU where 3 options show up: SRAM,Game Disk 1,USER DISK then you can choice USER DISK it contain the first SAVE point in the whole game.

For SAVING your game adventure you'll have to reach the INN and pay for sleep on night at least after that you'll be asked if you want to SAVE your adventure just choice the USER DISK.

OCM Users please setup Main RAM to 2048KB instead 4096KB because this game doesn't like 4096KB.

Other TIP is HOLD your CTRL key at BOOT that help to the game run/boot smoothly on Zemmix + FS-FD1A (FDD Controller connected on Slot 1)


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By Grauw

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13-01-2020, 21:05

Neato! Smile

alexito wrote:

OCM Users please setup Main RAM to 2048KB instead 4096KB because this game doesn't like 4096KB.

Ah interesting, the first time I hear about a concrete software problem with 4 MB Smile. So there is some truth to the myth.

While you’re hacking at it, maybe you could fix that memory bug too? Smile

By alexito

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13-01-2020, 23:53

That is my proof of concept.


By alexito

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14-01-2020, 08:00

Definitely Power Draining from Modern Cartridge make OCM Machines suffering this time Slot Expanders comes handy. in this case Modulon perform very well in combination with Sharksym MMCSD Ver3.
Because without Modulon Expander I was suffering of random freezed game play specially when FDD access is needed.


I almost forgot to mention the Sharksym MMCSD V3 is one of the more accurate and the faster FDD access emulation available when you want play Single and Multi-Game Disk. ;)

By knm1983

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14-01-2020, 14:58

I testing this WIP versión on my Msx2 Philips 8280 and a FlashJacks cartridge with memory expansion on and a Pcm on on this cartridge and the samplers work , with a low pitch but working.
Tested intro game and initial gameplay , only fails on vdp9958 need , but rest ok at this moment.