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By giuseve

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15-05-2015, 11:51


I got a pray for Daniel Vik, Benoît Delvaux, Tomas Karlsson, Ray Zero, hap, Ricardo Bittencourt, white cat and Sam Elsharif.
I think that blueMSX is the better experience in emulating MSX, expecially in combo with BlueMSx Launcher which works great as a jukebox manager.

I red somewhere about your feeling, but I think that all MSX community needs Blue to come back.

Manuel, I know that OpenMSX is the best emulation software for MSX, but in my opinion blue is more friendly, easy to use, windows compliant... expecially when used with bluemsx launcher by Sam

What I miss in blue at the moment is:
- laserdisc emulation
- gfx9000 emulation
- recent hardware emulation
- Updated BlueMSx database
- all you think useful
It's not important to have system roms or other in the relase, don't worry about this, but your software is so great that we would use it as naked as you consider necessary !

Guys, is there anyone else that miss the return of blueMSX ?

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15-05-2015, 12:26

Yes. BlueMSX GUI is still ahead of openMSX general user experience a big time although it is outdated... And not because of ROM's but because the UI is on same window, there is easy to use Machine editor, it is multilingual, there is SVI-328 support etc. They selected well the features that they put into GUI and the structure is easy to use even without deep knowledge of MSX inside out.

Comparing openMSX and BlueMSX is like comparing systems camera and phone camera... They are both needed for different purposes...

By Randam

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15-05-2015, 13:26

Indeed I would hope that bluemsx would be developed further. Love the GUI and for playing games I prefer it in many cases.

Like Nyyrikki says Openmsx and Bluemsx serve different needs in different cases so do hope it will be developed further. Having more emulators probably pushes development for the others.

Aside from what Giuseve mentions I miss a feature like netplay like many other emulators for other systems have.

By Daemos

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15-05-2015, 19:31

There was a post where I expressed what NYYRIKKI says. Both emulators serve their own purposes and have their strenghts and weakneses. I both love them.

By Manuel

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15-05-2015, 21:26

By the way, can't blueMSX launcher also be used with openMSX, nowadays?

Anyways, help is always welcome to make openMSX easier to use etc. It's not an easy task...

By gdx

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16-05-2015, 01:22

The debugger of openMSX isn't is not convenient to use.

I would like a better support for keyboards and a better reactivity of keys on blueMSX and openMSX.
I also would like an interface that takes into account the number of cartridge slots and the possiblility to extend them like on a real MSX. blueMSX and openMSX each have their own personal way. A support of specific cartridges on any slots as a real MSX.

By Randam

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16-05-2015, 07:19

Indeed the virtual keyboards would be useful too. Like when you push the code or kana key you see the proper key layout or for people who don't use qwerty but azerty or other ones.


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16-05-2015, 09:54

Bluemsx has the need of a huge update in the vdp core where timings and many details are very inaccurate
it is nice for playing but totally inadequate for (advanced) development

By syn

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16-05-2015, 09:54

For development/music creation/betatesting i use openmsx. The rewind function (that timeline thingy) is great when running into bugs.

Bluemsx I use when I want to play a game or just try out something really fast, love the drag&drop function (to open rom/dsk images), it just saves time Smile

By fernando.collazo.5682

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16-05-2015, 10:12

Bluemsx - emulator for the masses.
Openmsx - emulator for the devs.

By giangiacomo.zaffini

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16-05-2015, 15:48

I use both of them, I'm happy with both of them.
Needless to say that I love real harware too, but real hardware is damn costy and sometimes it fails: e.g. PHILIPS VG8020-00 cannot run MFC's emulated SCC and Pana Amusement FM-PAC together, some cartridges are not perfect/noisy, etc. etc.

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