Blue Msx lightgun emulation

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18-12-2020, 18:44

Hi! this is my first post! I have been reading you for ages.
I am very interested in gunstick and ascii lightgun games. I have the working nice in bluemsx for long time now, but I would like to play them with friends, as they are the first lightgun games supporting dual gun action.

I have an arcade cab with two lightguns, using the old wingun driver, which instead of using Rawinput to manage dual lightguns, It uses directinput, both lightguns uses the same system cursor, but they only changes its position when a trigger is pressed if I press p1 trigger, cursor goes to p1 aiming position, and the same for p2. p1 trigger is LButton and p2 trigger is MButton.

First question: does BlueMsx libretro support lightguns? because I can't make it work.

I know standalone version supports setting lightguns in port 1 and 2 at the same time, but both triggers are set to Left Mouse button, so when I press, I fire both guns at once.
Do you know some way to map p1trigger to one key or mouse button, and p2 trigger to another?

I tried getting the blueMSXv25src and compile it with vb2003, and also tried the post "bluemsx status" without making any change, just to check if I could get it myself, but I get some errors, and I have no experience in how to compile.

So I had another idea: Setting joystick configuration to none, and enable it to Gunstick/TerminatorLaser only just before the LeftMouse button press, and set it again to none after. So the guns never are connected at the same time, and each gun will fire only its bullet and do its score.

So if I could change joystick1 and 2 controllers on the fly, I could make some ahk script like this:
Send, LButton

Send, LButton

But I would need shortcuts like port1-setgunstick, port1-setnone port2-setgunstick, port2-setnone and there isn't. So is there any way to create custom shortcuts?
or maybe I can make it another way?
Any idea? Thanks!

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