VGM file manipulation library in Lua programming language

By Pencioner

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03-06-2018, 21:25

VGM lib

I was working on it for last two weeks, now i have something which is somehow a little bit usable. There are two scripts in ./examples/ folder, one of them dumps the VGM file content in human readable form, and other filters out any SN76489 noise channel commands and generates a file without it. I used it to get rid of ugly percussion of this rip: Castlevania (Tandy-1000) - btw, the rip info is not correct because it actually uses SN76489 + AY8910 chips and not PC speaker though. The boring percussion there was so ugly that i cheered myself up to make some tool for such changes in rips, like filtering out some commands and stuff. I'm planning to make some re-clocking script for OPM/OPN rips as well using this library, etc etc. It is still in alpha stage and not everything is implemented (but at least 50% seems to be done). At least, chips which are supported by Grauw's vgmplay seems to be almost complete btw

P.S. Had a little doubt if this post fits better for Development or rather for Graphics/Music part of forum

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By Grauw

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03-06-2018, 23:57

Hey Pencioner, neat, maybe post it on the forum as well?

By Pencioner

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04-06-2018, 00:03

I planned to do so after i implement GD3 and data blocks Smile say, when it matures to beta from alpha

And since Lua integrates with C very well this might have some value for C developers who plan to work with VGM files too