V9958 two page horizontal scrolling

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By Grauw

Ascended (9158)

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04-04-2018, 21:12

In screen 4 and below, it is not really necessary to make it a MSX2+ V9958 title since the limited MSX2 V9938’s hardware scrolling (16 pixel left/right adjust) is sufficient for those modes. So for V9958 it’s typically screen modes 5 and up.

By DarkSchneider

Paladin (930)

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05-04-2018, 07:53

For SC4 you have almost the same on MSX2 and MSX2+ but on MSX2 you only have an 8px "jump" when updating the tile matrix that you can mask on MSX2+.
Some extra computing on MSX2 because you have to update the whole matrix and on MSX2+ it works on cyclical mode so you only need to update the new row/column, but is not worth to ignore all the MSX2 users only for that.
In fact, I am not sure if updating many individual values is even faster than a single large LDIRVM.

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