[SDCC] - New library to allow ANSI 16 Color text rendering on Screen 7

By ducasp

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02-09-2019, 17:24

Hey everyone,

I've been developing an UNAPI Telnet Terminal with ANSI capabilities ( https://msx.org/forum/msx-talk/software/unapi-telnet-client ).

Tobias Keizer made in the past, a very fast ANSI-DRV.BIN file that allowed INLCLIES (a Telnet Client for Internestor Lite made in Turbo Pascal made by Sd-Snatcher / Carlos de Santa Ana) to have ANSI capabilities and was rendering text and animations really fast!

After talking to Tobias, he sent me the source code, and I've been improving it (i.e.: 25 lines support, border colors = background colors, added a cursor, fixed ANSI CUD and CUF with really large parameters not goint to line 25 / column 80, changed the way it restore screen so original palette and text mode are restored, when rolling too many lines the previous lines would appear on the bottom...) and just figured out, why not make a library so anyone can use it?

Of course it has not all ANSI features, but it has the most used ones... I think the two most notable absences at this moment are:

- Won't beep on BELL
- No support for blinking text (it won't blink at all)

(attributes currently supported are BOLD, FOREGROUND COLOR and BACKGROUND COLOR and RESET attributes)

Hope this helps and motivates more people to develop colorful MSX DOS / MSX2 apps :)


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By Grauw

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02-09-2019, 19:32

This is neat! Smile

By gdx

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03-09-2019, 01:27

I would also like a text viewer AINSI compatible.

By fr3nd

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03-09-2019, 16:27

@ducasp added https://msxhub.com/TELNET

I had to fix the download url in the PR, but everything else was fine :)