RGB to MSX Colors

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By Rogerup

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24-03-2019, 14:46

In the official page, maintained by the creators of the formula, you find precise information about CIEDE2000 and data to test your implementation.

Oficial Page
Test Data

By ericb59

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24-03-2019, 19:49

Louthrax wrote:

Hi Snatcher,
I sent you several test versions with CIEDE2000 and other color-distance methods, but I have not made that public yet... I had the feeling something was weird, still need to check. Maybe the sources released above by Rogerup will help.

By The way Louthrax, is it possible to build a Mif / Mifui version for MacOS and Linux (and eventually with source code) ?

By sd_snatcher

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26-03-2019, 01:03


Tip: I use MIFui on a Mac under Wine bottler. It works very well.

By LeandroCorreia

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28-03-2019, 01:48

OK, I cleaned my crappy code to make it more readable and made it available. Since I made a full image conversion routine with dithering, something quite different from color conversion, I decided to create a new topic just to make it easier to find in future searches.


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