Random block read (Need help!)

By gdx

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28-05-2020, 09:15


This week I tried to made a command to compare 2 binary files for MSX-DOS1. I thought I would do it quickly but I don't understand why the second file doesn't load. The program detects an error (line below).

jp nz,File2End

Where am I wrong?

You can download it here. This is a short program in assembler. Except the file 2 which does not load everything else seems correct.

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By Guillian

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28-05-2020, 09:44

Try to reserve 37 bytes for the FCB2.
You are using 1 byte record size, so "Random record number" will use 4 bytes

By gdx

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28-05-2020, 10:05

Thank you very much Guillian!
It works like a charm.