Patches for a few Konami's games

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By ~mk~

Master (228)

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23-04-2018, 17:41

Thanks GDX!
I will be trying all Konami and Mouser patches and let you know if I find any issue.
Unrelated to joystick patches, but can you please take a look at Tatica game in rom format?
It is another one that doesn't run properly with rom loaders.

By Gig71

Resident (36)

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23-04-2018, 20:08

Could you do something for " Gradius 3 legends" ?
It's a Homebrew game By Imanok Heavy inspired By gradius saga.
It's a really great game .
At the very start of game it accept only cursor Keys and space to select the ship, and then works with joystick too.

Maybe You can patch it or contact the author to resolve this annoing bug .


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