Patches for a few Konami's games

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By mariocavalcanti

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11-04-2018, 01:28

Athletic Land worked for me on Panasonic FS-A1FX and FPGA (Mistica). Smile

By gdx

Prophet (3173)

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11-04-2018, 01:56

I fixed a stupid mirror issue in Frogger! Now it should work too on SCC mapper.

Thx QBee Sam.

By mongapop

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11-04-2018, 17:25


By mongapop

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11-04-2018, 17:24


By hbarcellos

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11-04-2018, 17:26

gdx wrote:

I did not know. I just watched your video.

Someone knows if the ROM was ever released to public?

BTW, I'm not even sure if I could release it myself. I would depend on authorisation from Tony Galvez at least. I'm not entirely sure if there's also something made by Arturo Ragozzini, Eric Riez and John Hassink inside the ROM. They, for sure, did a lot of stuff for the compilation cartridge, but I'm not sure about Time Pilot.

Do you remember John?

By Vampier

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11-04-2018, 17:47

hbarcellos I see you switched away from your old 'bau de juegos' nickname Muffie.

By TheKid

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12-04-2018, 08:08

I tried the frogger and antarctic adventure on a real nms 8250 and they worked like a charm Smile

By Fabf

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12-04-2018, 23:01

All ROM have been tested whith a Sony HB75F.

EXECROM loading in RAM -> ok !
ROMLOAD loading in SCC mapper -> ok !

Good work GDX Wink

By Gig71

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14-04-2018, 13:54

Thanks a lot GDX.
This is what I looking for !

Great job!

I found other 3 konami games that will need a patch If you want to work on these.

Super Cobra
Video hustler AKA Computer billiards
Monkey Academy
and Maybe Mission(colecovision emulator) so all coleco games can be emulated on msx and started by trigger.

please don't consider it a wish list, It's only a suggestion.
I really appreciate your job.

Forgive my bad english.
Thanks again.

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