New online tool: MSX Screen 2 - Tiles & Maps Generator with demo Scroll

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By erpirao

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09-11-2019, 18:49

erpirao wrote:

Hi Mortimer, the conversation we had yesterday in Malaga was very interesting, I will be asking you more questions about this tool

I have been doing some tests with the tool and there are different results, for example with the map of the “against” of nes it is very good, but the aladdin (bootleg) that in theory is simpler does not remain so much, maybe I use maps With too much color, I will do some more tests and place the webmsx links for them to see.
But the tool is really impressive.
test aladdin
test r-type
test vampire killer
test contra

By Mortimer

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11-11-2019, 00:18

Remember that the tool, as designed right now, is prepared only to accept images with an MSX1 palette and comply with the restrictions of Screen 2.

With more colorful images the results can be a bit random, since the algorithm is now very simple: it does not search for the most used colors, converts the palette with RGB distance and does not use any dithering technique.

In spite of everything, some of the examples look pretty good, I especially like the Contra, which could almost be used as is for a hypothetical future port.

There is an option already in the code that will improve this aspect, but it is not yet proven enough to be published.

Thank you very much for your feed back!

By santiontanon

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11-11-2019, 02:41

Oh wow, the Contra one is much better than I expected! Very cool!!

About adapting images with large color variety, beyond the MSX1 palette, there is a thread where an algorithm was presented that does this very, VERY, well. So, if you are interested in incorporating it in the tool, I'm linking it here:

By Mortimer

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12-11-2019, 23:42

I had missed that thread, thanks for showing it to me, the results of the algorithm are very good.

In addition, as I understand, each tile is calculated independently of the neighbors, that is convenient for the tool because if different tiles were generated depending on the ones around, their number could increase unnecessarily

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