My plans for Nextor v3 (warning: broken drivers ahead!)

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By konamiman

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03-08-2020, 12:44

xavirompe wrote:

Just a question, what will happen with the MSXDOS1 embeded kernel?

It will still be there as usual... or is there something that should happen to it? Smile

By konamiman

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05-08-2020, 22:54

As promised, here's the proposal for the driver structure of Nextor v3:

So I hereby kindly request all Nextor driver developers to take a look and provide feedback as comments in the gist itself. Many thanks in advance! :)

By ronivon

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06-08-2020, 02:29

If it is and evolution, with simplification in mind, thats welcome.

I read through the Nextor documentation when started the MSXPi project, but in the end decided to develop a simple driver for MSXDOS1 instead (not a core feature anyway, I did more like a Pet project).
But the reason for this choice was related to complexity. Was going to be my first driver development, and I felt it was too big challenge to develop for Nextor at the time.

Later on tough, I got in touch with you and we ended up doing an early prototype of a NFS driver for the MSXPi. I followed your specification and direction, and developed the driver that mapped a D: drive on msx to the Raspberry Pi file system (quite buggy on my part of the code, but worked partially and proved the concept). This is definitely one of the best features I would like to see, and I am looking forward for more challenges on the MSX arena anyway. Wink
The MSXPi is not really wide used, but I would definitely try and add support for it on a new version of the Nextor.

By gdx

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06-08-2020, 02:47

Nextor uses a multitude of keys at startup to modify/avoid the boot or several parameters. I think that it would be better to use a single configurable key to open a menu in which would be grouped all the configuration parameters. This would avoid conflicts with other firmwares, etc.

By Grauw

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06-08-2020, 10:55

Oh, yes, good one, I second gdx's comment!

By hit9918

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06-08-2020, 13:02

yes I think so, too! the MSX really could need a common way to get thru multiple cartridges
it should work with the keyboard buffer. after reset you blindly type your usual string, something like


on the first cartridge the quick option 1
on the second cartridge do nothing (still needs a TAB ESC because the cartridge is there)
and on the third cartridge quick option 3
this did configure 3 cartridges, without the usual "wait for it to display and hold those keys".

the TAB goes into the menu and the ESC does exit. I thought TAB is a good idea because it is near the other keys for quick typing.
and it is easy to memorize such a sequence and then every reset goes with the smallest annoyance possible
and you can type ahead and it goes very fast

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