MSXDOS 2 doesn't work in WSX?

By vossi

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19-04-2017, 20:01

Hi MSX-Friends,
I just built a DOS2-cart with a mapper and it works fine in my Philips NMS8250.
I used the modified MDXDOS2 with $6000 as bank selecting address.

Now I tried this cart in my WSX (upgradet to 256kB) and it doesn't boot.
Where is the difference?


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By MsxKun

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19-04-2017, 21:00

Well, a regular MSX-DOS2, like the ones used on CF-IDE or LPEMMC works ok on a WSX upgraded to 256ks, as I've been using them since long ago.
Not really idea about a modified one.

By vossi

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24-04-2017, 07:22

OKthanks for the answer,
now I built a n flash-cart with switchable ASCII8/Konami/SCC-mapper and the MSDOS2.2 and Nextor are running in ASCII-8 Version.