msx kun basic turbo

By freedom711

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09-03-2022, 16:47

hi everyone!
here I am again! Question
i'm looking for MSX-BASIC Kun Turbo (for msx turbo r machines)
i only found in rom kum plus...
can someone please help me?
thanks for the answer...

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By ToriHino

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10-03-2022, 07:21

You can find a version of Kun on a certain file hunter site in the download section, look under programs.

By gdx

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10-03-2022, 13:37

If you want the ROM version, the latest version is the v2.1. There is also a a binary version ("XBASIC21.BIN").

You can also try NestorBasic, which is a version of BASIC-Kun modified by Nestor.

By freedom711

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13-03-2022, 17:59

thanks a lot!! Running Naked in a Field of Flowers