Millfork, a new programming language

By Thom

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20-08-2019, 13:20

Millfork is a middle-level programming language targeting 6502-based, 8080-based and Z80-based microcomputers. Although Millfork stands for MIddle Level Language FOR Kommodore computers, it was designed to be a language for developers for old 8-bit platforms, who have little use for advanced features of C, but don't have time to write assembly. It looks a lot like C.

Alhtough it seems MSX support is minimal at the moment, I saw a very interesting project called "Alien Rescue". Alien Rescue is a really nice game, written in Millfork for the Pacman Arcade Board (!), which has a Z80. A guy named MonstersGoBoom is now porting this game to other platforms, including the MSX.

Relevant links:

Alien Rescue for MSX WIP
Play Alien Rescue (pacman arcade board version) in your browser + project info
Millfork on github

I love following what creative people are doing these days.

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By zPasi

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20-08-2019, 13:35

Very interesting!

By Thom

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20-09-2019, 14:33

Sincere apologies for writing "a guy named..."
Can't edit my post anymore, I'm afraid.

The MSX-port of Alien Rescue is already looking great fun: