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By edoz

Prophet (2445)

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24-09-2021, 13:04

AxelStone wrote:

@Trebmint I think that there is a bug with ImageBox.Top.Get function or I don't understand how it works, I attach an image:

Position Y means where I clicked the Mouse, and Sprite Y means the ImageBox.Top.Get value. Acording to the info, the sprite is in the same Y position that pointer but as you can see it's bellow. With ImageBox.Left.Get it works fine.


Can you show the code? Facebook is a perfect media to contact and chat etc.

By Trebmint2

Master (242)

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24-09-2021, 13:14

Hey Axelstone, the answer I think is because the position of the background image. The Sprites are effectively children of the Canvas they display on, so if the canvas is at position 20,30 on the form the sprite at 0,0 will still be at Mouse location 20,30 if that makes sense.
I think I'm going to set up a Quigs discord server so people can ask questions. I will let you know.

By AxelStone

Prophet (3148)

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24-09-2021, 17:33

You are right @Trebmint2, after some tests the Sprite is children of the canvas but mouse if children of nothing. Really the form is not displaced but if you count the title header and the menu bar, you have a mistmatching of 16 pixels more or less. The code was quite simple @edoz, I was simply printing Mouse.Y and SpriteImage.Top.Get values, after this explanation of relative positions everything is clear.

I like the idea of discord channel, perhaps more people can join the discussion and SymbOS can grow. For sure I'll comment any possible bug I've identified (until now one topic with memVar.String and file.Close) to help you in testing Quigs.

Thanks again guys.

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