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By Meits

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06-02-2021, 15:39

msd wrote:

Let's see what's next.

Finish Oracle Tongue

Have auto play in the Muzax disks...

By ro

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06-02-2021, 16:06

Finally create "Muzax Nosferatu",damned.

By Manuel

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06-02-2021, 18:10

Is there a collection of demo music for this tool available somewhere? Maybe in early fuzz prods?

By ro

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06-02-2021, 19:47

yeah, there prolly is. I've got some laying around here and there. I'll try and make a collection and perhaps upload it with the program.

By msd

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06-02-2021, 22:20

finish oracle.. no finish Miracle Tongue

By mars2000you

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09-02-2021, 13:15

Another question for ro: what does make option 5 in F2 menu (Pack Space ON/OFF)?

By ro

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09-02-2021, 13:22

yeah, I know. It needs a manual.
When you translate an edit song to a packed version, you can remove the spaces from the edit version to save space.
When de-packing that spaceless pck song, you get a spaceless edit song Smile

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