creating AUTOEXEC.BAS files to .DSK files

By freddy.hajas

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09-08-2013, 21:26


I want to create autoexec.bas files to my DSK files to be easier to load the games, specially to my son be able to play them without my interaction.

Sadly, I was forced to sold my MSX with everything that I had 6 months ago, and I was happy with BlueMSX and all the ROMs and DSK files that I found on the internet until I got several DSK files from many games that I love without an autoexec.bas file, which we need to input the commands in the basic prompt.

So all that I have access now is the emulator, I can create the autoexec.bas file in the DSK, save it & working fine as in MSX, but when I load the DSK again it's gone. So I'm saving only virtually, not in the real file on the PC.

Is possible to create new autoexec.bas files to these disks with a PC? or even create commands to be executed when we reach the basic screen like a windows shortcut with params?

The only thing that I want is to play the games just loading them, without the need to input any command, like is possible with ROMs or DSK with AUTOEXEC.BAS files.

I'm using BlueMSX and BlueMSX Launcher


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By Manuel

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10-08-2013, 10:05

What you did should work fine. You did not get an error message when saving the autoexec.bas file?


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10-08-2013, 13:08

I don't really have good ideas, but make sure that the .DSK-files do not have "Read only"-flag on in Windows. (Take properties of the file check Attributes)

By freddy.hajas

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11-08-2013, 16:22

OMG! I found the problem!

When I created the profile I open a zip file with the dsk file, but I extract to another place and checked the attributes before start, but I simply forgot to update the bluemsx launcher with the new file instead of the zip one.

I did the same direct to the dsk file and works perfectly! Big smile

thanks for the inputs! made me triple check everything and find the problem! Tongue