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By anonymous

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29-11-2015, 03:04

PingPong wrote:
Manuel wrote:

So, who takes the challenge to extend the openMSX debugger GUI to use this format and add that information? I think no changes in openMSX are needed. All you need is the current address (PC) the table from the output to look up the source line and its code (as it's in that file too).

Why not define a standard format to describe debug info and allow any target able to produce a MDI (msx debug information) to interact / interface with openmsx gui?

Sure, good idea. Go ahead and implement it in the compiler and on the openMSX debugger. We'll wait.

By hit9918

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29-11-2015, 10:24

Manuel wrote:

Why not use SDCC's format? It looks fine to me...

in the debuger I found "symbol viewer". I dont know more about it, I guess there already is a format.
there is a pane where one can enter symbols.
it has "active slots". I guess it has the topic in mind, overlapping addresses.
it has many features with registers and labels etc, but no mappers.

the tiny mechanism I posted would place the arrow in the sourcecode right,
while the code doesn't need to know anything about slots and mappers.
while it works with ROM mapper, RAM mapper, relocatible bload.

By Bit Addict

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30-11-2015, 11:46

Btw I am still interested in the Hitech (msdos) cross compiler. Does anyone know how I get a free/paid version?

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