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11-12-2014, 20:23

Be aware, it could be a precog AI...

By gasparrini

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11-12-2014, 21:01

Hi Guys,

Sorry, sorry, sorry......

Now the DOWNLOAD it work very well, because the script php of before doesn't work !!
Therefore I have put a other type of scrit in PHP, I repeat now work very well....

BEYOND GALAXY beta version 3.1

By anonymous

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12-12-2014, 10:21


FiXato wrote:

Which song of Wolf_ was this, and was it licensed in a way that allows you to use it in your game?
Or did you use it without his permission?

By gasparrini

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12-12-2014, 11:34

@ FiXato

for the moment I did not ask his permission,
But the song's musical game is just one example, will not be the final song for the game of BEYOND GALAXY.

I asked John Hassink, if he would be willing to write some new songs for this game, but I still have to be answered.

However, this night, I worked for the new version to 3.2.
I added some new graphics in the background, with a bit of sea and beach,
and also a road.

Among some public a new video.
Thanks for your attention ...

By gasparrini

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12-12-2014, 12:18

Even today another update for GALAXY BEYOND
to version 3.2

As you can see from the video, down to the background graphics
I put a beach with a few umbrellas and even a road.
BEYOND GALAXY version 3.2

By Daemos

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12-12-2014, 12:31

I would remove the moon and the star. The beach and water improve the overal looks alot but the moon and star are too obvious sprites. You could use a complicated method to make the moon and star appear behind the clouds by either letting a temprary sprite go over the star or make a tileset that allows the moon or star to be covered by the tiles during your scroll. I would leave the moon on the right out though.

I see that the side cannons now work. Their bullets don't do any damage yet?

By gasparrini

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12-12-2014, 14:47

Yes, of course the cannons side (BITS) now make fire, but still do not do no harm, I still have to program the collision between their red laser and enemy ships, I apologize for this oversight, but before I did not have the time to do it but it will be done later .....

Makes me glad that you enjoyed the fact that I put a new graphics of the sea, beach umbrellas and the road.

As for the half moon to the right, and one full moon to the left, I agree to make them appear behind the clouds, but I'm not able to do so.
If you can not find a solution to the two moons appear in the clouds, it would be a great job.

I hope you do it ....
I thank you in advance if you want to collaborate with me ....

Then in conclusion, said SANDER, which according to him, if there would be a BOSS end level. In fact at that time I and KdL, we talked about putting a BOSS end level.
Of course I'm going to put a BOSS end level, but I think I do it in the coming days .....

By Daemos

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12-12-2014, 15:52

I have very little time right now to do any coding but here is the advice to fix the moon.

Here is the dirty method: you can for example make sure that a cloud never spawns at the exact height of the moon. You could make the moon just a little bit smaller and let the clouds pass above and below it. Then also make sure that your players ship is always the first sprite on the SPAT. This way there is the illusion of the moon beying actually in the sky.

To make it look even better. You can from time to time instead of an enemy ship spawn a single cloud which follows your scroll. This cloud should have sprite priority over your moon. In short. Make sure your moon is always using the last position on the SPAT and your ship the first. The rest is then filled by your engine.

You can think about a boss later. First fix your engine to work 100% in the end you can create a boss map.

Ohw and remember. Some people will not appreciate if you use their content even if its just for temporary use. While the opinions vary widely on that subject it is always best practice to asume the worst for your case. Always ask permission for content use.

By gasparrini

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12-12-2014, 20:57

DOWNLOAD available for version 3.3 BEYOND GALAXY.

[url=] DOWNLOAD BEYOND GALAXY beta version 3.3[/url]

Note under the background graphic, with the sea, the beach and a few umbrellas, with the road, and finally even the light poles of public lighting.

By AxelStone

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12-12-2014, 21:56

A few suggestions:

1.- Enemy waves. It seems that there is a random generator for the enemies, could it be? It should be nicer a real level design with enemy waves at fixed positions, like any gradius.
2.- I supposse that it's due to WIP but, is planned to make different stages (with different backgrounds).
3.- Minor details as explosions for the enemies, I suppose this is caused by WIP ;-).

It could seems a hard work, but would make the game much better, and since you are working...go for it! ;-)

Good luck.

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