What does it take to get developing again

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By anonymous

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18-07-2003, 00:23

MrRudi is right, having a project leader that organises the other developers in a team (and maybe does some small development on the side) is really important. The team I'm working with now has such an organiser and he's been great at keeping us working and motivated.

Another thing is you don't want to get into the small details at first. We have a pretty big list of 'things that would be nice to implement if there is time left'. During a brainstorm session it's easy to think up a whole slew of features, effects and what have you, but if you're not careful the project will reach critical mass and fall apart. The KISS principle still counts Smile

-Encouragement -> Hearing that the project looks good is always a good boost for the developers.
-Support -> yup, a place where they can find emotional, technical and inspirational support
IMO, the MRC fora are doing a good job at these.
-An offset-market -> Devs want to be sure that there will be a place where they can sell the product and know that it will be boughtYou can be sure anything you make will be bought. There are plenty of moonsound owners, gfx9000 is actually well spread and larger MSX RAM configurations (256kB+) is mostly no problem. If your product is good, it will be bought.
-Teamwork -> what is better than doing it yourself and working your ass off? right, having someone that can help youMRC Contacts list and/or a Projects module can really improve this. A lot of people are still sitting alone in front of their MSX saying "I wish I knew some people to make a game with", and many quit because of it. The internet has already produced some new teams and cooperation, so hopefully this can be brought to the next level.
-No Copying -> If the devs know that people just gonna copy the products they make, then they might not feel like finishing or startingThe current poll results are promising Smile

By Maggoo

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18-07-2003, 10:27

The MRC is already doing a great job motivating people again. The forum and its development section is a nice plus. What more could be done thru the MRC?

Well I could imagine a "New projects" section where people could publish a brief summary of the projects they are working on. I'd put in there a description of the project, percentage completed (and a gantt chart... nah just kidding Smile, the name of a contact person/project coordinator, news about the progress of the project, a small discussion forum where people can submit ideas/comments. Request for help could be posted on the project page too if the project team is seeking GFX/coders/musicians/...

And if despite that the team doesn't get the project going, they can be booed online Smile

By FiXato

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19-07-2003, 00:05

on a side note... I think that development packages like Sunrise has with the GFX9000 (nice boxed with some other products and developement programs if I am correct), is also nice for the starters...

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