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By Guillian

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18-07-2003, 23:01

That's not true. Only if a previous program wrote to 98C0h that MIGHT be needed. But even Konami does not use this undocumented register, so it should be left alone.

As I said you SHOULD (not MUST) do it. So it is true. You can have problems if you don't do it.
About undocumented: can you tell me where is the official document about SCC?
Konami doesn't search for SCC. Does this mean that you should not search it?
Furthermore, if you want to avoid problems with other hardware, SCC should not be searched. Just ask the user where is it.

By cax

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20-07-2003, 16:22

Manuel, thank you very much for an SCC detection code.

For now, I consider the work finished.

I checked everything on various emulators, but I still can't confirm that everything is OK, because I just have no SCC cartridge. So, please someone help me to test the demo.
I'll check it on my SCC-less computer in a day or two.

The updated disk version of Solid Snake 2 Demo can be downloaded from my homepage, as usual (mail me to borus@<NOSPAM> if you need)

10x in advance.

By snout

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20-07-2003, 16:26

Manuel, thank you very much for an SCC detection code.

Uhm.. what about GuyveR's detection code? ^_^

By cax

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20-07-2003, 16:54

>Uhm.. what about GuyveR's detection code? ^_^
I had some problems with it, maybe because I use cross-assembler with somehow different syntax (sbasm), and at some point I got the link to Manuel's page - the code I downloaded from there compiled and worked immediately, at first run.

So, nothing personal or bad with GuyveR's code - I just didn't want to spend more nights debugging problems I probably created myself, and got the one that worked for me.

At this point I want to say thanks to everyone who tried to help me.
It is my first experience in creating disk version of MegaROM.
I have to say, it was real fun.
I also have to admit that the work was simplified by a number of tools, which typical MSX freak didn't have at the time where most of cracks were done.

The most valuable tool is NO$MSX - an emulator with a built-in debugger.

A big portion of the code was written and debugged inside NO$MSX.
The feature I loved very much is possibility to run at >=1000% speed during debugging - this helps to approach the breakpoint very fast.

Another thing that helped me was the ability to patch the ROM and try it in emulator - this is very helpful in some cases.

Memory switching log generated by RuMSX was very helpful to investigate the switching process statistically and to plan the layout of blocks in memory.

I'm sure, that creating and debugging MSX software on emulators speedups the process alot. But I also have to say, that no emulator is perfect, and the final check have to be done on a real hardware.

By cax

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22-07-2003, 21:43

After some reverse-engineering of the full version of Solid Snake, I managed to replace japanese text messages in demo with an english ones (the structure of cartridges was similar, but not equal, that's why it required also re-calculation of a number of addresses in the code).

As usually, disk/tape version (and rom) you can download from my homepage.


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22-07-2003, 22:55

And the homepage can be found from...

By hap

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22-07-2003, 23:22

moderator: link removed due to MRC policy.

By cax

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23-07-2003, 10:31

If I understand the policy of, I can't post link to the page that contains copyrighted material. Even if it's modified/compressed/etc.

So, if someone wants to know the address, the best way is to mail me
borus@ <nospam_pam_pam>
P.S. BTW, is Solid Snake demo considered copyrighted ? It's just a demo, correct ?

By BiFi

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23-07-2003, 10:53

P.S. BTW, is Solid Snake demo considered copyrighted ? It's just a demo, correct ?Formally it is copyrighted. They were released in cartridges for demonstration purposes indeed, but that doesn't mean they're not copyrighted.

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