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17-07-2003, 21:05

samples occupy more space than code or gfx... anyway.. it's better to continue the opl4/sram talks in the new topic I created..

More than code: yes.
More than gfx: definitely not on GBA (which could be compared to an MSX game featuring 5 disks or more). On CD-based systems: might be. But that's because it's one big uncompressed WAV or MP2/3 in those cases.

All ROM based projects I did so far: 10~25% sampled uncompressed sound (on GameBoy Color it was way less ofcourse). Code takes 5~10%. Remainder is (compressed) gfx.

That would convert to 10~25% * 5 disks = 5/10..5/4 = 0.5..1.25 disks for sound. In a 5 disk game.

Conclusion: you'll never get 640kB on a 1.44MB/2MB project in a commercial project aka real life.

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