Screen 5 to Sprites data conversion

By Maggoo

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14-08-2003, 15:42

I've been using DD-Graph (age) and SPE5 to create sprites data (2 sprites layers /3 colors with OR-ing) but frankly, SPE5 is quiet a pain in the ... to work with and the .DB files created are sometime buggy.

Has anyone made a conversion program to create sprite data (Pattern and color tables) from a screen 5 picture ? I could write one but why bother if it already exists Smile

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By ro

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14-08-2003, 15:59

well, maggoo.

SPEN is actually not that bad! If you understand how sprites work you should be fine.
I wrote a converter for the .DB files that can be created with spen. Converting them to another format which is much easier to handle

By anonymous

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14-08-2003, 16:00

Nope, doesn't exist yet.
In our current project we're also in need of such an editor (for creating up sprites OR-layered up to 4 times and 48x48 size), but our time is currently very limited :/
So far it's being done by hand, but it's a VERY difficult task to manually reorganise the palette to support 4 OR-layered sprites and doing the data.

Please, write a program for it! Smile Smile Smile

By BiFi

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14-08-2003, 19:14

Actually, Quintus has that functionality. It's a drawing tool for SCREEN5 with a maximum 4 seperate pictures simultaneously. These 4 pictures can be converted into 2 SCREEN7 pictures in interlace mode. But it also has an option to convert a piece of SCREEN5 to sprites. It still needs conversion to sourced defb lists though.

It can be downloaded from the MSX info pages and requires MemMan 2.3 or later.