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By BiFi

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03-02-2003, 21:46

I'm planning to make a new SCC Tracker which has features that are already done in previous trackers like SCC-MUSIXX, SCC-Blaffer 1.0 and SCC-Blaffer NT and some features more... I'll list them below hoping to get response and ideas for other features:

  • Full Sound Cartridge Support (5th wave, built-in memory for replayer)
  • Full PSG Control (Two-way, Note/Volume <-> Percussion through kinda BNT-PIE)
  • More Events Per Step (IT-style editor, multiple events per step <-> MB-type entry)
  • Integrated Editor (SCREEN6)
  • Real-time Wave Conversion ('Fade-over' from one to another wave)
  • Improved key-detection
  • At least Philips Keyboard support
  • (Real-time recording from keyboard?)
  • Chip Selector (SCC/Sound Cartridge, PSG, Both, maybe even 2 SCC's at the same time)
  • Position/Pattern Usage
  • DOS2 support

More feature wishes are welcome.

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By anonymous

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04-02-2003, 12:48

Moonsound playback Tongue

Seriously, ANOTHER SCC tracker? ^^;;;

By BiFi

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04-02-2003, 13:02

Well, there are some things the other trackers still don't have. One of which is Sound Cartridge support, meaning 5 different channels and PSG support is far from complete in existing trackers IMHO.

By mars2000you

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04-02-2003, 21:16

A feature that should be interesting is the conversion of SCC/PSG sounds to FM sounds.
I got this idea by testing the X68000 emulators and by playing in these emulators the conversion of the Nemesis 2 MSX game ! The result is beautiful and you can still recognize the original SCC sounds !

By BiFi

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05-02-2003, 08:51

That would require quite some in-depth knowledge of the FM sound structure and since I'm not that far yet, some help is very much appreciated.