R Register Update

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By realpeterjack

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28-09-2005, 16:23

Just a quick addition: the R register can be used as a random generator, if the number of instructions executed between the readings varies. But it will be only in the range 0-127, since Z80 preserves the value of the most significant bit as set by the programmer. If you load the R register with &b00000000, it will start incrementing it and will reset it after &b01111111. If you load it with &b1xxxxxxx, after the count reaches &b11111111, it will reset to &b10000000. It only increments the 7 least significant bits.

By ro

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28-09-2005, 16:44


R register usage as a random number is a poor solution. If used in sequence you get numbers in sequence too (with few jumps).

If you use the R register to determine a angle of some enemies movement, each successive enemy will have angles in sequence, always bigger than the last.

Hence the quotes around the word random Wink

By marison

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28-09-2005, 17:00

The quotes didn't was processed by my own Z0.8 CPU. It was totally discarded...

I should do an autoupgrade...

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