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By zett

Hero (608)

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25-08-2003, 23:37

what kind of game does the msx scene needs?
adventure action rpg etc etc etc.

shout it out!!! Tongue Smile Tongue

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By anonymous

incognito ergo sum (116)

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26-08-2003, 01:06

As you can read in several threads on this forum, many people really want a good RPG.

By zett

Hero (608)

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26-08-2003, 01:19

oke sorry i did not see
but is ther anyone how wants to create one whit me?
I got some cool looking gfx en music sow
i olso got a story line and and and.

mij problem is I'm loking for a good software writer

By ro

Scribe (4708)

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26-08-2003, 11:13

you snout, a database with question and demands for developing would really come in handy here. I know you've talked about it, so what up?!

Zett, what kinda gfx etc are we talking here?
could you give examples? (a nice option for the database : uploadable gfx with thumbnails!! )

By snout

Ascended (15187)

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26-08-2003, 11:25

Ro - we talked about a lot of things (new features) for the MRC, but we're working on some other things which cost quite a lot of time right now. However, it's in the planning.

We're not going to allow uploadable GFX in the forums. You can include self-hosted files with IMG tags and you can send the real thing to

An exception is the photo shoots module, but that one is meant for photo's only.

By mighty.m

Expert (116)

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26-08-2003, 12:04

yeah, a good RPG is always nice... Nothing like running around and collecting Experience Points to beat those nasty monsters every time... saving gold to get THAT new, better weapon... and so on... RPGs rule!

MACE - still waiting for Pumpkin Adventure IV *GRIN* -

By Thom

Paladin (695)

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26-08-2003, 12:27

what kind of game does the msx scene needs?
adventure action rpg etc etc etc.

shout it out!!! Tongue Smile Tongue

MSX does not have a decent football/soccer game, in fact the msx sportsdepartment is very poor.

By Maggoo

Paragon (1216)

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26-08-2003, 13:00

I like RPG a lot but there are already so many for the MSX (Shooters too). It doesn't have so many GOOD platform games tho (beside USAS). I hope Flubsy will fill the gap Smile

Other genre I think the MSX is missing:

* A good pinball game for MSX2 (say in Screen 5 with scrolling etc, remember Pinball Dream ?)
* Sport games (but it's not easy to program the IA)
* Racing games (how about a Micro Machine type of game ?)
* Adventure games like Days of the Tentacles (been said before Smile

I'd also really like also something like Turrican for MSX2.

And please no more Breakout/Tetris remake.

By Argon

Paragon (1119)

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26-08-2003, 13:20

What about a MMORPG ???
Wouldn't that be cool Smile

You could write a windows/linux client which makes the actual connection, and also does most of the calculations.
Using RS232C you can then update positions etc. in the game running on the MSX.

I've been playing with this idea, but for a turnbased strategy game (not realtime).

Anyway, I think it would be cool.
A big problem however is the availability of RS232C cartridges.
Maybe a PC-MSX connection using the joystick port could be possible ?

I'm still investigating and testing.
I've never coded anything for the MSX before, so I still have to learn a lot Smile


By wolf_

Ambassador_ (9971)

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26-08-2003, 13:30

I'd say: ppl want a game that really can be realised. how many ppl are/were working on RPG games and never completed it?

RPG is nice and fun, but a hell of a job. Microcabin, Konami, Compile etc. didn't make theirs with only a hand full of ppl.

By snout

Ascended (15187)

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26-08-2003, 13:31

Sunrise still sells RS232C cartridges.

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