MSX Pascal MBM library

By enribar

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18-07-2003, 08:33

Hi friends,

I'm developing new videogames in Turbo Pascal, I'm using those great routines written by Kari Lamassaari, but include-file to play mbm music and see sound effects are only compatible with MSX-DOS 2...
That file has been modified from the MSX-DOS 1 version, so those routines to play mbm with MSX-DOS 1 exist.
My question is: where to find them? "DOC" file says that original code was written by "REMCO". How can I contact him?

Thank you, regards,

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By sunrise

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18-07-2003, 10:31

By Remco is meant Remco Schrijvers.
all as regards the mbm related can be found on the MCCM cd 's delivered by number 90.
But the doc's were included in a copyrighted package.
I have meanwhile busy to set things on a row as regards all documentation and software we have including the documents of MBM 1.4 and its software.
So, if you contact me I am prepared to sent you the documentation in confidence.
My email address; or