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By ro

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14-01-2003, 14:01

eh, meridian dude. stop calling it 'tones' that sux

just samples, waves, envelopes etc... thaz what it should be called IMHO.

(forget the Remco legacy.. gheh, and they said sadam's an ashole...)

By DarQ

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14-01-2003, 15:34

tones, bleeh. I agree with Ro. Tones remind me of the most ugly (and seemingly popular) ring TONES!! Ugh, while typing, i can see the stupid ("Mega vette coole ringtones, zulke vette tonen heb je nog nooit gehoord!!!") commercial in my mind...

Tones has become an evil word.

By wolf_

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14-01-2003, 19:19

about naming,

It's a good idea to be a fair bit compatible with the world.

Common terms for (1) single voices and (2) combined voices are

(1) patches, voices, single

(2) performance, combi, multi

In a few days I'll get a good(2nd hand) SY77 from Yamaha, which has AFM AND AWM2, (fm and wave), so, that model is the closest to the opl4 I guess.. In a few days I'll give you the names Yamaha used for that model..

By Arjan

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14-01-2003, 21:28

In the technical docs, Yamaha refers to voices (FM and Wave), or, the number of channels you can trigger notes on. Also, for the wave table synthesis part, they refer to wave header (or wave table), which is the sample header with starting address, sample size, loop address, attack rate e.g. The actual sample is called wave data.

By Grauw

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15-01-2003, 04:13

To me, voices sounds the most natural.

For combinations, combi seems the most logical choice... Or well, probably since it's been mentioned so much lately by Michiel, 'program' makes sense to me aswell.


By sjoerd

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15-01-2003, 22:31

Uhm, Meridian doesn't use combinations, right?

By wolf_

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16-01-2003, 00:44

afaik, it does support combi's, even wave combined with FM iirc....

By snout

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16-01-2003, 01:32

Indeed it does. In fact it is possible to make combinations(Korg naming)/programs(Roland naming) of 42 voices. Of course, you'll only be able to play one tone at a time Smile

By snout

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24-01-2003, 10:27

Michiel de Vries visited me yesterday and demo-ed the latest version of Meridian 3.0

I'm stunned

The window manager is extremely versatile, fast and user-friendly. Even on Z80. The program boots when you have 'only' 512KB RAM (like me), but you'll only have 80 pages of music. For MIDI files, this is not enough. 1MB memory is highly recommended.

Although it is not possible to play music on the OPL4 yet, it is already possible to create 2-Operator FM tones and 4-Operator FM tones. To save memory (in order to be able to create more programs later) we more or less decided that you can create banks of 200 2-Operator FM tones and 100 4-Operator FM tones (in stead of 200). Michiel would like to know if there are people who think they need banks of more than 100 4-Operator FM tones. Wink

Also, there is an editor in which you can test (and copy) all 384 ROM tones (most of them are still to be named, we were not able to find a list of OPL4 ROM tones on the net. People who have such a list or know where to find one: let Michiel know!

In each editor you can test the tones you created using the F4 button. Meridian will play 4 predifined notes (e.g. C4 E4 G4 C5) or - if you selected so - a chord made out of the 4 pre-selected notes. I suggested Michiel should add a key that plays the C4 at any time, and perhaps playing chord/non-chord can be done by pressing SHIFT or not. Any suggestions on this are welcome asl well.

The tone names are now made out of 10 chars, probably the names will be a bit longer in the end.

But, the most impressive part is the OPL4 programs editor. Here you can combine 2-Operator FM tones, 4-Operator FM tones and/or PCM tones to create instruments. Playing one note gives a really fat sound. Of course it is possible to adjust PAN settings and to use Key windows (to use separate samples on high/low notes or to create splits).

I'm looking forward to the first version that can actually play MIDI files. Of course, a decent General MIDI sound set is still to be configured, and I think some instruments might even sound better on FM than on PCM...

People who want to contribute to Meridian... post your ideas here!

By wolf_

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24-01-2003, 11:14

uh, about the RAM stuff,

As a musicdisk-only, are ppl with 128k able to play those tunes then? or do they also need 512kb+++ ?

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