Game backgrounds ?

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By Maggoo

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13-08-2003, 11:49

(hey, maggo: didn't you made a game once with scrolling level? I got a hold of a copy of it... what was the tittle again?! or wasn't it u who send me that great piece?)

Funny, I got so many pics here which have never made it public. Really, some old demo stuff and more. but never used. to bad I'd say.

I'll take a guess and say it was MKID. Never was finished, never will. It was for MSX2+, GFX in screen 11. We had one level completed (Egypt) and the sprites for one or two other stages (but not the background graphics).

There are other game projects that we never completed as well. Looking thru my old project disk, I found a pretty decent "Shadow of the Beast" stage for MSX2+ (with the parralax scrolling and all the shit) that I completely forgot about.

We also started a RPG engine in screen 5, long time ago. Somewhere between Golvellius and Zelda. Combat were supposed to be like in Final Fantasy. Never got finished either, I think because the Map editor was crap and I was too lazy to rewrite it.

And of course there is Total Parody that we were supposed to take over when the main programmer stopped with MSX. But it's kinda hard to read some else code.

I still have the source code and GFX of all those projects laying around on disks, I might put it all online someday.

I just realized that we only completed one game project indeed, Match Maniac Smile

By MrRudi

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13-08-2003, 12:33

the screens shown above are in screen5. And lots more are already done. These are, in fact, the oldest ones (in that period I did not own a HD.. the rest is on that HD and way cooler)
Something I learned before (and was kinda surprised/upset to that others didn't use that technic) was anti-alias. All handdrawn but smooth enough to make them look like a screen 7 pic. For example: look at the 'duck' in the animation screen. Smooth eh? very smooth!

Dude! I anti-aliased my graphics since I got an MSX2! All manual pixelizing, I even do that nowadays sometimes on high-end systems. Pixilizing always gives more control than the automated Anti-aliasing settings of Photoshop.

By Argon

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13-08-2003, 13:09

ok. I will check out the screen 5 stuff Sad
I should have asked about it sooner, next monday back to work Smile

I'm one of them lucky guys that works in a school Smile 5 weeks of vacation Smile
And what do I do ? NOTHING ! LOL
Now that I want to mess around with some basic coding it's almost too late Smile


By ro

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13-08-2003, 13:15

maggoo YEAH 'total parody' is what I was talking about. Looked promising...
you told me about the programmer who stopped coding.
typical european msx attitude: unfinished projects.. Sad

mr rudi: of course some others did use that technic too, but I've seen some great pixel composers who just didn't! Kinda sad sometimes. but hell.

and eh, argon.. keep on/learn to code man, it's fun. But you should take the basic course (you should know, being a teacher eh! can't learn stuff in just one week)

By Bart

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13-08-2003, 13:37

Everyone I know who pixeled back then used manual antialiasing in their handdrawn gfx... the only one i know who didn't do that (all the time) was the gfx dude from Umax.

By ro

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13-08-2003, 14:52

funny, I check A LOT of demos the last days (I've been archiving Wink ) and noticed un AA gfx all the time. But hey, I could be wrong. just thought I'd mention the technic. There should be plenty of folks still not using AA
(let that be a lesson haha)

By Leo

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19-08-2003, 12:27

if you have a whole tilescreen with 8x8 tiles, you've way over 256 tiles then.. guess you can't store 1 map xy coord in 1 byte then.. or do you use the scr1/scr4 method then of having only 256 tiles, and use 1/3 screenparts to refer to..? (does this make sense anyway? Smile )

16x16 (like usas) is for more easier in this situation.

Fubsy has strickly 8x8 tiles.
You store the tiles them selfes in VRAM ofcours, but keep a map in RAM
you can use a tile more than once, hence a whole tilescreen can be made (even with just one tile)
it's just like filling a text screen with the same character over and over again.

What about serial , if you have IDE+ serial interface ...

By wolf_

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19-08-2003, 12:58

aaargh Smile did you *have* to quote all of it ?

By ro

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19-08-2003, 13:00

well just bought an SCSI host adaptor for PC the other day, just to hook up my MSX HDD once in a while to transport data.
It works deliciously Wink

Been working on the game this week, thinking about some new improved screen buidling routines which I've been tested already. Looks promising (read: more speed)

I even thought of making the game completely scrolling instead of screen whipes.
I could use the msx2+ video chip for that, but still testing for screen5 routines (scrolling like YS and SD-snatcher)
but if this turns out to be too slow or too much work I'll stick to the original plan and maybe come up with another project including scrolling. I've always been ambitious to make a scrolling RPG.
let's see what happens. first things first eh.
(the game plot hasn't been writen out 100% and the screen/map editor.. pff so much work to be done)

By wolf_

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19-08-2003, 15:50

hey.. who needs a plot anyway? The old arcade games didn't have a plot, and the new ones where in Japanese, so I couldn't read the plot. I enjoyed both!

Just: walk around, shoot anything that moves and win the game!

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