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By pitpan

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05-02-2003, 01:17

Hi again! Another question for consolidated coders:
which is the fastest assembler? And I mean command-line assembler, not things like COMPASS with IDEs, etc. Basically I need a strong assembler and fast enough to work fine in a SVI-738 machine (64 KB RAM, 128 KB VRAM upgrades, but MSX1 BIOS). Of course, MSX1 compatible working under MSX-DOS1.
As far as I know, the Microsoft CP/M assembler is terribly slow and does not support undocumented opcodes. Does GEN80 work better? I got used to work with the tape version with its own editor (cool!).
ag0ny has recommended me the package ASLD (AS.COM and LD.COM) produced by NOVATEC Group (those russian guys). It looks interesting and has full support for Z80/180/380, but does not seem to be really fast.
Ideas? Any suggestion will be welcome. I am really fed up of cross-development. I want to use just my MSX to produce MSX software.

Ops! And what editor do you recommend me for editing the sources? TOR is great, specially the version that uses the VRAM to store data: 128 KB source code is not that bad, uh?

Thank you once again for your help!

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