By mighty.m

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26-04-2002, 19:01


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By Haze

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26-04-2002, 21:49

hi MACE, anyone still developing some soft and needz some MZK? I recently rediscovered my MSX (emulator) and I would love to see some off my work produced. Anyway, I ain't much of a coder so MZK is all I can do... Ahm, I'm not saying i'll do MZK for an entire complex game but maybe some little projects (->musivdiskz are nice). Ppl always said I should do MZK for a nemesis kinda game... Smile

Now, how's about a/some coder(s) and another/more musician(s) who are willing to join this band of buccaneers? Wink

By chaos

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27-04-2002, 19:25


Hey Kenda guys!

I really like the gfx, and I don't know your musics, but that's probably ok too..

Too bad I'm busy with another project already, else I would have helped you guys... :/

I hope you'll find another coder!




By mighty.m

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28-04-2002, 16:18

Kenda is kind of over so it's just me aka MACE. The pictures posted I drew for our never released fourth musicdisk called Music Maniac 3. My guess is no one buys musicdisks no more these days. I wonder how many people still buy MSX-games too... Last game I bought was Realms Of Adventure and that was some time ago... Since some time I found myself playing salamander again in stead of GTA3 or MGS2 on my PS2. MSX-games are still cool, you just can't compare 'em too games on other platforms. Wouldn't all of you play Space Manbow 2 if Konami released it next week? (hehe, never gonna happen but hey...)... sometimes I'd like to go back to say... 1993... lot's of cool games, demos, musicdisks and stuff... but think about it, back then we didn't have emulators, next-gen consoles, internet and such, so I guess it was easier back then... Sad

Ah well...