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Por Grauw

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06-02-2018, 20:05

I have to say, that’s one sexy looking booth! Wink

Por Pencioner

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06-02-2018, 20:19

Yep, it really is Smile

Btw, that computer behind the left speaker looks so familiar. That should be some Yamaha YIS503II/CX5M/AX350 i suppose?

Por Grauw

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06-02-2018, 20:37

It’s Alexey’s YIS503IIR (or IIIR). Actually earlier on the day someone brought an AX350 to his stand (pictured elsewhere), and Manuel wondered if I brought my CX5MII as well Smile. Alas, I didn’t, or it would’ve made a nice picture of those three little brothers side by side!

Por Manuel

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06-02-2018, 23:37

Sexy box!

Por Grauw

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07-02-2018, 23:00

Hihi. Boxes always look sexy!

Por syn

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07-02-2018, 23:14

Krk rokits are classics Cool
Im thinking of picking up a pair of rp4s or rp5s myself (depending on how much room i can create on desk.
They are not the most accurate monitor speakers but cant go wrong at their price range. Plus that sexy yellow woofer is kinda iconic Smile