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Por ro

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22-05-2005, 14:09

huh? what sports can you exercise there? hypersports maybe?

Por Sander

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22-05-2005, 14:21

"Konami Corporation develops, publishes, markets and distributes videogame software products globally for a wide variety of platforms.... In addition, the Company is an operator of health and fitness clubs in Japan. As of March 31, 2002, the Company had a nationwide network of 187 directly operated health and fitness club facilities and 32 franchised facilities that cater to all age groups, from children through senior citizens. Konami also manufactures and sells fitness equipment and other goods and services related to sports and fitness. "

taken from http://www.nyse.com/Frameset.html?displayPage=/events/1065438015475.html

Q&A Konami Fitness: http://www.konami.co.jp/en/ir/qa/healthandfitness.html

Fun to watch: Konami news on Konami Sports (Windows Media Player): http://www.konamisportslife.co.jp/video/200503/ksl050324_300k.asx

From Konami:
"“EZBIKE” & “EZRUNNER” Innovative Exercise Machines Under the theme of “Fun and Active, Fun and Healthy,” we are developing exercise machines for sports clubs combining “exercise” with “entertainment”. As the first release of products, we have introduced 2 models of aerobic exercise machines with touch panel type of liquid crystal monitor screen. “EZBIKE” is an exercise bike with bicycle race game and“EZRUNNER” is a treadmill with running game. They are offering new enjoyable way of exercise and training."

EZBIKE and others: