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19-06-2010, 21:30

Hi everyone,

I have to pay for some bills so some of my collection of old video games must go, it breaks my heart but I have no other choices. All the games are European and in mint shape with boxes and manual. they have some wear due to age but they look simply great. If you need a photo or want to buy the whole or some of them email me:

Here is the list of all the games and prices:

Twin Bee: $69.99
Yie-ar Kung-fu 2: $35.99
Knightmare: $39.99
The Goonies: $39.99
Metal Gear: $199.99
USAS: $69.99
The Maze of Galius: $69.99
Nemesis: $119.99
Hyper Rally: $29.99
Penguin Adventure: $45.99
Salamander: $49.99
Vampire Killer: $99.99
Lode Runner: $29.99
Hyper sport 1: $49.99
King's Valley: $69.99
Super Rambo Special: $49.99

The total for everything is: $1071.84USD and I will sell it for a price of $999USD (and we will ship it for free, only if you buy the whole thnig) if you buy the whole thing. If you want to buy only one or a few, don't hesitate to email me about it. All the games will be shipped all over the world for shipping face value fee (added to the game price above) with inssurance and tracking number.

thank you in advance,



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Por Gnosis.Antiquarius

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21-06-2010, 23:51

still got lode runner? email me at