I want to exchange MSX music

Por Gunkan

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28-08-2003, 12:28

I own several MP3 cd's about MSX and i want to increase my colection. I really loves MSX music.

I have:

-DraculaX (vampire killer music directly from MSX)
-Dracula Battle Perfect Selection 1 (electric guitar arranged music)
-Dracula Battle Perfect Selection 2 (electric guitar arranged music)
-Dragon Slayer Legend Of Heroes II Perfect Collection
-Dragon Slayer Legend Of Heroes III Omake
-Dragon Slayer Legend Of Heroes Perfect Collection
-Dragon Slayer Midi Collection
-Dragon Slayer Piano Collection
-Dragon Slayer Symphonic Poem
-Dragon Slayer VIII The Legend Of Xanadu
-Eiyuu Densetsu III
-Falcom Classics
-Falcom Ending Collection 1987-1992
-Falcom music Sampler
-Falcom Vocal Collection I
-Falcom Vocal Collection II
-Falcom Vocal Collection VI
-Gradius 1
-Gradius 2
-Gradius 2 MSX
-Gradius 3
-Gradius 3 MSX
-Gradius 4
-Gradius Gaiden (PSX)
-Gradius Rare (symphonic, mixes, etc.)
-Music From Sorcerian
-Music From Wanderers Froms Ys
-Music From Ys
-Music From Ys II
-Sorcerian Midi Collection
-Sorcerian Music2
-The Legend of Heroes III - JDK Special
-The Legend of Heroes IV- Electric orchestra
-The Very Best of Ys
-Very Best of Dragon Slayer
-Ys'95 Symphony
-Ys Dramatic Concert
-Ys Heaven Sanctuary 4
-Ys I Perfect Collection
-Ys II Perfect Collection
-Ys II Renewal
-Ys III Perfect Collection
-Ys III Super Arrange Version
-Ys IV J.D.K Special The Dawn of Ys
-Ys midi Collection
-Ys Piano Collection
-Ys Piano Collection 2
-Ys Provincialism
-Ys Super Collection
-Ys Symphony
-Ys V Image Album
-Ys V Orchestra Version

If you have some MSX music cd's we can exchange Big smile I don't like Moonsound music, only the original MSX game music's or arranged versions.

Email: gunkan(erase this, i hate spawn)@terra.es

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Por Latok

msx guru (3928)

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28-08-2003, 12:48

The YS Piano Collections are REALLY high on my list....I'd like to have a copy of them pretty much please thank you Smile Smile

And it's hard to trade with you, your collection is SO large already!

Por Latok

msx guru (3928)

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28-08-2003, 12:59


And this one certainly looks interesting as well!

Por Gunkan

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28-08-2003, 13:05

I am looking specially for this:

Demon Castle Dracula: (Castlevania)

Demon Castle Dracula perfect collection
King Records |CD # KICA-1036

Demon Castle Dracula best 2 game soundtrack
King Records |CD # KICA-7506-7

Perfect selection Dracula new collection
King Records |CD #KICA-7630 |2800 yen


King Records |CD # KIDA-1001

Ganbare Goemon 2
King Records |CD # 140A-7704

Ganbare Goemon- game soundtrack
King Records |CD # KICA-1041


Gradius in Classic 1
King Records |CD # KICA-7624

Gradius in Classic 2
King Records |CD # KICA-1135

Gradius * Fantasia
Aboron |CD # BY30-5023

Perfect selection Gradius
King Records | CD # KICA-1048

Konami Amyu zumento sounds 93
King Records | CD # KICA-7616-7

Konami GM Hits Factory 1
King Records |CD # KICA-1122

Konami Shooting Battle Perfect Collection
King Records | CD # KICA-1136

Konami Game Music Vol 1
Alpha Records |CD # 28XA-85

Konami Game Music Vol 2
Alpha Records |CD # 28XA-95

Konami (tsuku) Game Freaks (?)
Alpha Records |CD # 28Xa-135

(A-Jax) Konami Music Vol 4
Alpha Records |CD # 28XA-201

Konami Game Music Collection Vol 1
King Records |CD # K30X-7705

Konami Famicon Memorial Best Vol 1
King Records |CD # 140A-7709

Konami Game Music Collection Vol 0
King Records| CD # 276A-7708

Konami Subeshiyaru Miyuyitsuku
King Records |CD # KICA-9005-8

Konami Ending Collection
King Records |CD # KICA-1046-7

Konami Game Music Collection Vol 4
King Records|CD # KICA-7505

Konami Orchestra
King Records |CD # KICA-1053-5

Madara 2- Sound Fantasia
King Records|CD # KICA-7618

Madara 2- Original Soundtrack
King Records |CD # KICA-7619

Madara vol 3
Porisuta| CD # PSCR-5077

Madara Special
King Records|CD # KICA-1036 | 3000 yen

King Records | CD # KICA-1016

Original Sound of Parodius
Aboron |CD # BY12-5023

Pop'n Twin Bee Graffiti
King Records | CD # KICA-7614

Twin Bee Perfect Selection
King Records |CD # KICA-1057

Twin Bee Paradise Vol 2
King Records| CD # KICA-7630

Twin Bee Rainbow Adventure
King Records |CD # KICA-7628-9

Snatcher: SCC Memorial Series
King Records |CD # KICA-7607~9

Salamander :
Salamander Original Video Animation CD
King Records|CD # K32X-7108

Original Sound of Salamander
Aboron| CD # BY12-5019

Original Sound of Salamander (MSX)
Aboron |CD # BY12-5021

King Records |CD # KICA-7601

I would kill for these CD's.... Evil

Por Gunkan

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28-08-2003, 13:14


And this one certainly looks interesting as well!

PSG - Dreams 1 - Konami special is a piece of art. Is produced by

Jose Angel Morente
Apdo. 3294
18080 Granada (SPAIN)

Fido: 2:345/801.8
e-mail: msxjam@crosswinds.net

I remembered i promised to the owner i will not copy this CD. Sorry i can exchange it. Is far from fabulous! Please, contact with the author. IS GREATTTTTTTT CD!!! The sound quality os the PSG is superb!

Por Gunkan

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28-08-2003, 14:20

I have just found more MSX music:

The problem is that i am not sure of the name of the CD's...

-Konami Shooting battle (I? II?)
-Midi Power Konami
-Midi Power snatcher
-Snatcher Battle
-Nemesis 2 (Piano?)
-Nemesis 3 (PSG)
-Club Hnostar Energy MSX (Moon Sound)

Por cax

Prophet (3740)

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28-08-2003, 15:38

Can anybody explain me about copyright issues with all these CDs ?
Can I buy them somewhere? For how much ?
If they are not produced anymore, can I copy or exchange CD or mp3 made from these CDs ?
If I own a CD, can I sell it to someone else ? Make a copy ?
Etc, etc. etc.

If I understand correctly, the reason MRC plays tunes via radio instead of just giving us the links to MP3s or other format files/players is copyright issues, right ?

If there freely distributable tunes exist, will MRC make them downloadable, or at least publish the links to sites where they are hosted ?

I ask all this because I think good tunes are the big part of MSX spirit, and you can easily explain to anybody what's MSX for you if you give them some tunes to listen.