For Sale: Philips NMS8250

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28-08-2003, 10:35

For sale: MSX2 (Philips NMS8250)

Technical specifications:

- 256kb RAM (128 kb video ram, 128 kb user ram)
- 1 floppy drive, double sided (720kb)
- 64 kb ROM
- Z80A processor (3,5 MHz)
- PSG geluid
- 2 cartridge slots

- 2 Toshiba joysticks with 2 fire buttons
- Philips computer monitor (monochrome)
- MSX-logo cartridge (including a book to learn MSX-logo)
- Original MSX-DOS diskette (v1.01)
- Original MSX Home Office 2 / MSX Designer diskette en bijbehorend boekje
- Boek 'MSX-2 BASIC + MSX-DOS'
- Including a lot of games on floppy's
- Including cables
- Inclusing the official NMS8250 User Manual

The MSX works very well. I'm aware of the fact that the monitor doesn't look too good, but it's OK as well.

I ask 30 euro for this MSX computer. If you're interested, please contact me at I live in Almere, and I'm afraid that you have to pick up the MSX by yourself =D.

A photo of my MSX computer is available at:

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Por Argon

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28-08-2003, 11:55

Goooood price Smile
Sadly enough I can't go there just to pick up a 8250 Smile