For Sale: HERO, Pitfall II, River Raid, Buck Rogers, Zaxxon, Shark Hunter

Por Awaken

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06-05-2010, 17:29

Hi there, got some MSX stuff for sale on my ebay retro gaming shop (quick plug: :P), thought I'd let you guys know about it. All in auction, all ending Sunday 16th May in the evening UK time. They will be going live between 6:30pm and 7:30pm today, so if the link doesn't work, check back later. Anyway, the stuff!


Pitfall II


Buck Rogers: Planet of Zoom

River Raid

Shark Hunter

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Por RetroTechie

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07-05-2010, 02:40

Welcome to this forum, Awaken! Running Naked in a Field of Flowers

I've noticed how most MSX folks prefer to buy / sell software in either floppy or cartridge format, most tapes are old MSX1 software & usually doesn't go for much...
But for the English OTOH, most MSX software on offer is tapes, period. Question Must be the ZX Spectrum's heritage, I suppose... people so well tuned into dealing with tapes, that cartridges (or even floppies) are 'the odd thing out'... LOL!LOL!

Por Awaken

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07-05-2010, 16:35

Floppies and cartridges are obviously more convenient, but for me at least, and I'm guessing a lot of others, my first computing memoires are all on tape, the cart slot was a mysterious unused beast for 'other people'! Smile

If we want convenience after all, there's little point actually hooking up these old machines, with emulators easily available. Somehow it's not the same without the anticipation (and toilet / tea making) opportunities while the tape squeals away, loading the game you want to play....

Por Awaken

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07-05-2010, 16:37

The MSX was actually my first introduction to computing, I remember being rather little (and bored) in John Lewis, buying a Mitsubishi model in the sales in the mid 80s, and later on, learning to program it in BASIC. Good stuff, and way better than the spectrums, lovely keyboard being one thing! Only trouble was I only ever had a handful of games, unlike those who'd gone for C64s or Spectrums!