[For Sale] The MOST definitive Collection of Yamaha CX5M & CX128 & Cartridges + manuals & doc

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03-05-2010, 22:21

[For Sale] The Most definitive Collection of Yamaha CX5M & CX128 units & Cartridges + all manuals, doc & more

If you ever wanted to gather in one shot:
- 5 or 6 fully equipped Yamaha CX5M and CX128 units all equipped with latest sfg-05 synth module with full MIDI I/O capabilities (Yamaha FM Sound Synthesizer Unit II)
- one full size keyboard
- 3 Yamaha disk drives (2 X double side and on single side) with their interfaces to the CX
- THE FULL line of all Yamaha music program cartridges first AND second generation YRM10x & YRM30x series in their original box. Many duplicates (like the DX7 editor program second generation)

- HARD to find MSX modules like the MODEM & word processing
- MSX Oscillator module
- All manuals
- Rare MSX documentation about the architecture, FM Sound Synthesizer Unit II, programation, hooks,etc

and a lot more.

I'm currently located on Saltpring Island, BC, Canada for the summer 2010.

Liquidation will happen this summer for the best offer.

If interested,

Contact me through our contact form available at:


Georges & Cerika

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