FRS' patches and enhancements WIP - help needed

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Por Manuel

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04-01-2021, 08:30

I am really enjoying my turboR with all these game enhancement patches, making games run smoother and have really smooth scrolling without chopping sides Smile R800 and V9958 rock!

Por sdsnatcher73

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04-01-2021, 08:52

sd_snatcher wrote:
sdsnatcher73 wrote:

BTW, will there also be a MSX2plusnewdrv???

Why, would I ask? Nobody seems to give a damn about this generation. No games are ever produced, no contest ever supported it, nobody wants to produce a single Pixel Art image for it and not even the main yearly MSX event wants to spend resources to try to revert the problem.

I've even seen many times it been written on these forums: just go for an MSX2.

So why would I spend my time to support such a useless and hated generation? It's better that we all just forget that it ever existed.

I really wonder why anyone even cares to purchase an MSX2+ machine. On the TR, at least you have the R800 that is useful. Probably it's just because of the internal OPLL? Tongue

DISCLAIMER: the text above is a satire about the situation. Don't take it too seriously. Wink

LOL Wink

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