Wanted: CF interface

Por Jazzy

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30-08-2009, 21:04

I'm looking for a second hand CF interface. Anyone got a spare?

Location: The Netherlands.

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Por RetroTechie

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31-08-2009, 16:39

Good luck... Tongue It took me months before I got hold of a CF interface. Read: one that wasn't gone within 2 hours after being put up for sale.

From what I understand, Sunrise is planning to make a new batch - you might ask them if/when they become available again.

Another good option is Erikie's SD interface: cheaper than Sunrise's CF, and Erikie sells them built & tested. Only needs a housing (fits Konami case). Built-in software could be better, but it does the job. Better hurry if you want one of these! Running Naked in a Field of Flowers (see that ever-growing thread on this forum)