I got my Sony HB-F1II MSX 2 JAP

Por Oneinchbiceps

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29-07-2003, 02:42

I got my machine off ebay today. I think its been modified cause when I turned it on it was in black and white and I know it was a ntsc machine but it was in pal. Then I notice that on the back there was 2 toggle switches. I looked in the book and did not see any toggle switches that were on it. So I turned off the machine and flipped the switch on the left side then it was in color or turned back to ntsc. There was also two audio jacks that were not in the book looks like it might put it in stereo. The other switch was for the audio from oringnal and the mod plugs. Are this modifications pretty common ?

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Por snout

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29-07-2003, 03:03

Hmm I never heard of an internal PAL/NTSC switch before. So that's quite an unique mod. The audio-outputs sound more familiar to me. It could be stereo, but probably it are just mono plugs

if it's stereo it would be nice to know if it's

FM left, PSG right

or even better

FM first 6 ch left, FM drums/chan 7-9 right and PSG right Wink

However, in the Netherlands the most common modifications are 7MHz and memory upgrades.

Por Oneinchbiceps

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29-07-2003, 04:16

I am not sure if its turning it into stereo. I would imagine its just mono mono two signals for 2 speaker tvs or speakers. It has a sticker on it for left and right. Anyone know how to tell.

Por anonymous

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29-07-2003, 13:18

My Sanyo MSX2+ was modified with 128kB RAM internally, and stereo FM out (FM1-6 left , FM7-9 + PSG right). There's a switch to enable the stereo or use the normal mono output.
Too bad the stereo output is distorted :/

Anyway, both of these modifications were done in the netherlands AFAIK.