Anyone selling, or know where I can buy a LPE-MMC-V6 cart or similar?

Por zoltari

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28-07-2008, 23:59

Hi guys, sorry if the answer to this is anywhere around alreadt - I did look, but keep drawing a blank as the official LPE-MMC-V6 site seems dead.

What I am after is a flash cart that takes SD, MMC or even CF cards and allows me to load ROM and DSK images from it (and .cas if possible).

I have a Turbo R GT which I have just dug out of the loft, and I would really love to use it again after all these years, and I have one of these things for my PC Engine, so if I had one for MSX too, it would be fantastic.

Anyone know where I can buy one? Cash is ready and waiting.

Many thanks to you all, and I am glad to see MSX still alive and well.



P.S. I'm after a Moonsound and GFX9000 at some point too, so any pointer on where's best to buy would be great.

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Por wolf_

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29-07-2008, 00:19

As for the Moonsound and G9k: email sunrise. I expect the MSX fair in Bussum to be in autumn, somewhere, it's usually in October or something. UK isn't far away, perhaps you could simply visit the fair and get the goods from sunrise directly. Otoh, if you don't intend to visit the place or want the goods earlier, email sunrise..

Por zoltari

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29-07-2008, 17:25

Turns out a new version will be available in September! Can't wait.

Now - who can sell me a BOXED Turbo R GT, and does anyone have the Sony MSX 2 demo disks that it shipped with? The only one I remember was a rather cool guy driving a bus - it loaded frame by frame (took ages) then played through with a great tune in the background... There were some fractals too.

Por jltursan

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29-07-2008, 20:03

Turns out a new version will be available in September! Can't wait.

New version of what?, maybe a Moonsound?? (say yes, please) Smile

Por zoltari

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29-07-2008, 21:10

No, sorry (I don't even have a Moonsound yet - wish I did).

A new version of the LPE-MMC flash cart.

Por Ramones

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31-07-2008, 09:05

Hi zoltari. You can write e-mail to Leonardo Padial:

lpadial arroba telefonica dot net

lpadial arroba teleline dot es