Want to buy: The Complete MSX Programmers Guide

Por MäSäXi

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02-06-2008, 17:55

Yeah, does someone have this book for sell?

The Complete MSX Programmers Guide, published by Melbourne House. Authors are Toshiyuki Sato, Paul Mapstone and Isabella Muriel.


MäSäXi :)

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Por djh1697

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02-06-2008, 21:32

I have a copy, although it is well used. What offer do you want to make me? in UK £'s? I will have to hunt for it, i have no idea where it is!

My email is djh1697 "@" sky "dot" com

Por MäSäXi

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04-06-2008, 10:56

djh1697, there´s email for you. Smile

Por MäSäXi

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01-07-2008, 09:25

Does anyone else has this book?

I´ll buy from Europe and pay using bank transfer.

Here´s my email:



Por hmhmat

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09-03-2010, 12:52

I know this post is old. but if someone would like to sell this book i want to buy it.
I just lost an oppurtunity from ebay for some reason i wasnt allowed to bid on it.
If there is a copy someone would like to sell i will buy it, does not matter where its from in the world.
my email is hardmat@gmail.com