Hideo Kojima in Amsterdam @ Mediamarkt A'dam Arena Boulevard 7th of June

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Por FiXato

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30-05-2008, 18:17

imho forums were made for reactions.. not news articles..

Plus, it could be made in a way that when the first reaction is created, it will open a topic for it. That way you won't get empty threads.

Anyway, if you keep whacking people for posting something newsworthy in a forum instead of through the newssubmit, I'd think that people will eventually refrain from posting it at all..

Por wolf_

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30-05-2008, 18:28

That way you won't get empty threads. Just a lot of threads with 1 or 2 reactions, including those where the only reaction is a typo notification or one single smiley..

btw, I'm not *whacking*, I'm suggesting a newssubmit because *we*, being this website, feel news belongs to the frontpage and reactions to such a newspost belongs to that newspost -on the frontpage-.

This has -btw- been suggested earlier as well without problems.

Por evulopah

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07-06-2008, 20:39

A lot of people showed up:


Por Guillian

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08-06-2008, 01:02

They were also at Madrid some days ago, but the event was only for the press. Here are some articles (in Spanish):
El Blog de Manu
Último Nivel
I was lucky because my mate Manu got an MSX Metal Gear cover signed by Kojima for me (^-^)

Por Fireblade

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08-06-2008, 17:53

Por wolf_

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08-06-2008, 18:53

that's the thing about autographs, whether it's Western or Japanese, it's all the same amount of odd curves .. Murdoch

Por msd

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08-06-2008, 19:01

Did you see more msx games there?

Por Fireblade

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08-06-2008, 19:03

Haha, true about the autographs. Too bad some people only use them to make money though :X


There were quite some MSX games there actually. Most of them SD Snatcher (a lot of those!) and Solid Snake. Did get a lot of nice reactions about my old MSX games :D

Por cax

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08-06-2008, 23:02

So London, Milano, Madrid, Hamburg, Amsterdam are behind,
and Paris, New-York, Los-Angeles, San-Francisco and some Japanese cities will be visited soon.

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