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18-11-2007, 21:24

I had some luck buying MSX computers in Japan and got a nice Turbo R ST boxed and complete so I want to get rid of the machines I bought before getting this one (as I didn't expect to find any...). All these are curently in Japan and in 2 weeks they will be in the UK (and so will I).

I currently have an unboxed

Panasonic Turbo R FS-A1ST
Sony MSX 2+ F1-XDJ

Both are in good condition and have working disc drives.

And a boxed new One Chip MSX (Japanese version), not opened it as I played with a real MSX.

Anyway trades, interested in....

(And I know I'll have no luck what so ever....)

Any old japanese computer (esp an NEC PC-9801 series PC or an Fujitsu FM-7 series computer).
Japanese MSX games, esp games in my other thread.
Japanese MSX adult games

Failing that make me an offer for the above machines.


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Por jltursan

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19-11-2007, 11:34

If you're looking for a Fujitsu FM-7, you must consider the Secoinsa FM-7. It was launched in 1985 only for the spanish market and it's the same machine as the Fujitsu. Very, very hard to find and highly collectable.