There are people trying to finish with the MSX homebrew copying the authors without their permission

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Por thegeps

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16-02-2023, 21:59

yep, I saw their posts on twitter (but same rubbish can be read on facebook too) and decided to block them. They aren't worthy of attention. Permanent developers list, with links and contacts is a great idea!

Por MsxKun

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16-02-2023, 22:43

geijoenr wrote:

I just checked the twitter of this user and it looks like a typical Spanish troll, writing like a far right politician and full of hate.

He's exactly that. Well know troll. A total looser without a life and with some kind of childhood trauma. Ignore him. Doesn't deserve any more atention.

Por gdx

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17-02-2023, 01:32

Briqunullus wrote:

Last year Ro launched the Hardware Makers and Sellers list in the Wiki. I think we should do the same for software.

Do not hesitate to also wiki on people who resell homebrew without authorization or who act like FelixMSX.

The wiki is there to guide us.

Por andongniao_vnb

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17-02-2023, 14:52

A list of developers and/or seller would be great! We never know where to search all them. Great idea Briqunullus!
To end once of all my posts on this topic about that I opened, here in MRC the guy is this one: Panzer

Por ro

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23-02-2023, 15:06

I'm not sure if we should just block a person and move on - look the other way so to speak. These fuckers need to be addressed - it's more than just trolling. Creating a compilation cart with recent software, just to fuck around is not my idea of a great scene. Luckily it's just 1% of the scene, but they can have a huge impact.

gonna thing about this...

Por Pac

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23-02-2023, 18:48

He was already blocked years ago for similar reason. Unfortunately, little can be done for his poor sould...

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