Paco Time Attack by Physical Dreams

Paco Time Attack by Physical Dreams

por ro en 10-11-2022, 16:39
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The Spanish MSX game studio Physical Dreams has just released their latest game called Paco Time Attack. A colorful MSX1 title which if available free for download.

If you've been paying any attention last couple of years, you have seen us write about the game studio Physical Dreams often. That is because their main programmer is on steroids as he delivers one game title after another. Not just simple stuff too, but quality games that'll keep you on the edge of your seats for hours. From this studio comes the next game in line of the Paco series.

After Paco El Bombas, Paco 2, and Paco Redux, Physical Dreams gives us a time attack version. Yet another MSX1 title with cool graphics, swinging PSG music and fluent gameplay. Find and defuse bombs as quickly as you can without ramming into wandering opponents. As this is a time-attack game, rush to get to the next screen.

A nice "thank you" game, as the author calls it as gratitude for the good reception that CAMPANERA (his most recent release) is having. Paco Time Attack is a sure to keep the masses occupied while he codes other upcoming projects. And the best thing is, you can download it for free. We've put Paco Time Attack in our download Database. Enjoy.

relevant link: download Paco Time Attack from our database
relevant link: play Paco Time Attack online at TFH

Comentarios (7)

Por ToriHino

Paladin (826)

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10-11-2022, 19:07

Wow very nice, looks great! And quite a steep start already at the first level Tongue

Por JohnHassink

Ambassador (5665)

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10-11-2022, 20:03

That's generous! It indeed plays like a classic arcade game. Very nice! Thank you Physical Dreams!

Por riquet

Master (200)

Imagen del riquet

11-11-2022, 09:50

Nice game, thanks for sharing.

Por thegeps

Paragon (1175)

Imagen del thegeps

11-11-2022, 17:21

Thank you for this gift to the community, Jose!

Por Salguero

Supporter (11)

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13-11-2022, 23:49

Thank you very much everyone for your words! I hope you enjoyed it a lot!!

Por M-A-D-M-A-X

Expert (125)

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14-11-2022, 19:08

Thank you for this free (and good) game Smile

Por retropixelwarriors

Supporter (5)

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06-12-2022, 23:46

A really nice game! Smile